Study Guide

Sense and Sensibility Chapter 25

By Jane Austen

Chapter 25

  • It turns out that Mrs. Jennings actually has a home of her own – and a rather stylish one, at that. When she's not visiting with various family and friends, she lives in London. She invites Marianne and Elinor to visit her at this house over the winter.
  • Elinor turns down the invitation politely, saying that Mrs. Dashwood needs her older daughters over the winter. Mrs. Jennings refuses this refusal, saying that surely they can works everything out.
  • Sir John slyly says that Marianne probably wouldn't mind going to London (to see Willoughby, presumably), with or without Elinor.
  • Marianne warmly exclaims that she would love to accept, but she's afraid that Elinor's right – they need to stay home.
  • Mrs. Jennings keeps insisting upon the visit, and Marianne doesn't put up a fight. Despite her dislike for Mrs. Jennings, she's desperate to go to London.
  • When told of the invitation, Mrs. Dashwood decides that it's fine – the girls can go to the city. She insists that they accept.
  • Elinor reminds her mother that appearing in town with Mrs. Jennings won't do them any social favors, but Mrs. Dashwood reminds her that they'll always be with Lady Middleton, a perfectly respectable woman.
  • Mrs. Dashwood reasserts the fact that they should both go and enjoy themselves. She hints that Elinor should enjoy herself – particularly with Edward's family.
  • Elinor, knowing what she knows, says rather coldly that she likes Edward very much, but it doesn't matter to her if his family likes her or not.
  • Mrs. Dashwood smiles, thinking that Elinor is just being evasive. Marianne is surprised by this statement.
  • Everything is settled with Mrs. Jennings, and the travel plans are all made. Sir John, Lady Middleton, and Mrs. Jennings are all very happy, and the Steeles claim that they are, too. Everyone gets ready for the big trip to London – Elinor reluctantly, and Marianne with great excitement.
  • The Dashwood girls and Mrs. Jennings leave at the beginning of January; the Middletons, Lucy, and Anne plan to follow a week later.