Study Guide

Sense and Sensibility Chapter 5

By Jane Austen

Chapter 5

  • Mrs. Dashwood immediately tells her pushy stepson and daughter-in-law that she has found a new house – far, far away from Norland in Devonshire. Fanny and John aren't too upset by the news, as you can imagine.
  • Edward, on the other hand, is quite upset. Mrs. Dashwood, who wants to prove to Fanny once and for all that Elinor and Edward shouldn't be separated, invites him to visit them in the new house.
  • John feels some pangs of conscience about his stepmom and sisters leaving Norland – after all, he did promise his dying father to take care of them. Fanny, however, is just sad to see the nice furniture Mrs. Dashwood inherited leaving with her.
  • The Dashwood ladies go about the business of their departure, sending furniture and servants to the Devonshire house ahead of them. Mrs. Dashwood hopes in vain for a little financial help from John, but her stingy stepson does no such thing.
  • The girls and their mother leave Norland, and the last view we get of it is through Marianne's misty eyes. Goodbye, childhood home – hello strange new life!