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Sentimental Education Chapter 2

By Gustave Flaubert

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Chapter 2

Damon and Pythias

  • Poor Charles Deslauriers; his dad was a real jerk. He sent to school at Sens, where he met Frederick. They had different interests and were separated by class status and age, but those things never got in the way of their friendship. So cute.
  • When Frederick took his friend home, Madame Moreau disapproved; after all, Deslauriers is a Republican who doesn't go to church. And hey, he may be taking Frederick to "houses of ill repute" (1.2.13).
  • Deslauriers left to go to law school in Paris and Frederick was sent to Le Havre to charm his uncle.
  • Now, reunited two years later in Nogent, Deslauriers announces that he has to move out of Paris (to Troyes).
  • Frederick tells Deslauriers all about Arnoux; Deslauriers talks about his intellectual interests: political economy and the French Revolution. He's really excited about the possibility of an uprising, and he longs to have a newspaper to voice his ideals. This guy's a revolutionary.
  • They run into Frederick's rich neighbor, Mr. Roque, who has all sorts of bragging to do about how he's friends with some rich bankers from Paris named the Dambreuses.
  • Roque's a little shady though, because he's shacked up with his housekeeper.
  • Nonetheless, Deslauriers tells Frederick that working that connection to the Dambreuses isn't a bad idea. He also tells him to pass his examinations. Good advice, we say.

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