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Serena What's Up With the Title?

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What's Up With the Title?

We're guessing you figured out that the title, Serena, refers to the leading lady, Serena—you know, since it's her name and all. But you might be surprised to find exactly what the title tells us. Yes, it tips us off to the fact that this is a story about a gal named Serena, and after doing a bit of reading, it's clear that she is the center of the universe in the story. But there's something bigger at work here.

It's super telling that the author simply uses her first name—Serena—instead of her last name, too. Whereas Pemberton is always referred to by his last name, thereby placing him in his family's legacy, this is Serena's story. It doesn't belong to anyone who comes before or after her; she is her own legacy. Though we hate to please her, we think she'd totally approve.

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