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Serena Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

  • Working in the kitchen is no easy task. Rachel gets up before the sun, drops Jacob off at Widow Jenkins's house, and arrives at the camp at 5:30AM where she helps set the tables and prepare the food for the workers. Boy, can they eat.
  • Rachel gets the cold shoulder from most of the other workers.
  • Sometimes, she'll ask to sit with one of them and get a witty reply like, "I don't sit with whores." Oh, snap.
  • Her friend Joel comes over and sits with her, telling her not to worry about the others. Who cares what they think?
  • He tells her that Jacob is getting big and strong.
  • Rachel likes the compliment even though she feels she doesn't know much about babies.
  • We learn that Joel is a hard worker and Rachel's even heard talk of him being promoted.
  • He's modest, too. He doesn't pay much attention to the hype. When he can, he's going to ditch this town for someplace without such mean people.
  • After Joel gets up from the table, Rachel notices Serena on her horse in the distance.
  • She thinks to herself that Serena is smart not to allow Rachel near her food.
  • Rachel also considers how her life has gone up until this point and figures that she made the right choice being with Pemberton, even if it did cost her a dad.
  • Wait a minuteā€¦ She scolds herself for thinking this and gets back to work.

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