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Serena Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

  • It's Christmas time again, which means Santa is getting ready to visit. Not without the help of Campbell, though, who goes to the store and buys a bunch of gifts for the workers.
  • Since the workers are um, working all day long, they don't have the time (let alone the money) to run into town and get gifts for their kids.
  • Last year Buchanan had the idea to purchase them for the workers and let them all go shopping right there in the camp.
  • It was simple, really: He'd get Campbell to deduct the amount from their pay for their gifts, and everybody would be happy.
  • So this year Campbell decides to do the same thing.
  • Everyone has fun choosing their fishhooks and perfumes and whatnot for their families.
  • Some of the workers note that they wouldn't even be able to get gifts if not for Campbell; they know Pemberton and Serena wouldn't care about getting gifts for them. Interestingly, though, Pemberton and Serena don't get mad at Campbell for doing this without permission.
  • Again the workers note that it's not right to mess with the seasons and nature. They don't like that Serena has a trained eagle that gets rid of the snakes. (You'd think they'd be happy not to get bitten, but no dice.)
  • When the workers notice Joel giving Rachel a toy train for little Jacob, they comment on how he's nicer to her than the baby's own father.
  • Pemberton and Serena chat about the park negotiations; the other side is getting more confident, which is worrisome.
  • Serena suggests they stay the course and keep working. She rides her horse out to the camp, which Pemberton isn't sure is the best idea since she's pregnant. Shh… It's a secret.

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