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Serena Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

  • Harris calls the next morning with bad news: The deal is already drawn up to close the deal with the park on Luckadoo's land.
  • Even though there's other land they could buy, Harris wants this land.
  • Sure, part of the reason is to pull one over on Webb, whom Harris hates, but he also really wants the land to work on.
  • Pemberton knows it'll be more expensive now because they'll also have to pay Luckadoo off in addition to the price for the land.
  • Still, he agrees to talk with Serena about it before they go ahead.
  • He hangs up and head out to the barn where Serena is working with the eagle.
  • When he explains the situation to her, she agrees that they should go ahead with this deal, even though the price is going up.
  • The truth is that they need Harris's money so they can do this deal his way.
  • There's only one condition: Serena instructs Pemberton to put something in the contract about letting them harvest the wood before Harris starts mining.
  • She thinks Harris has found something valuable in the mines and this way they can get a cut of it before he stiffs them.
  • Meanwhile, some guy named Henryson replaces McIntyre at work. McIntyre wasn't quite the same since he saw the snake flying in the eagle's mouth, so they had to bring in someone new.
  • The workers talk about how McIntyre is receiving electric shock therapy. None of them really understand it, and because of this, they all think it's a bad idea.
  • At work that day, an inexperienced chopper messes up: When swinging his axe, he accidently hits Galloway in the arm instead of getting the tree. Yikes.
  • Galloway's hand detaches and blood squirts everywhere.
  • Immediately, Serena gets off her horse, cuts his reign, and ties it around the wound to stop the blood from pouring.
  • She then takes off her coat to apply pressure… and this is when everyone notices that she's pregnant.
  • Everyone is scrambling to get the doc and get Galloway some help; amid the chaos, he jokes that his mom—who can tell the future—predicted this would happen.
  • He goes to the hospital to get stitched up and returns to work a week later.
  • Pemberton wants to fire him, but Serena convinces him to let him stay. The guy is really resourceful and a hard worker so they'll find something for him to do.
  • The doc overhears this and thinks Serena has just gotten soft because she saved the guy's life.
  • Not at all, she assures him. Here's the deal: Galloway believes he's supposed to protect the one who saves his life.
  • Now that she's saved his life, he will work hard to protect her and she figures that could come in handy.

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