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Serena Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

  • The next week, two more accidents happen: A log falls on a worker and a fifty-pound metal tong crashes into a man's head. Ouch.
  • Many of the workers get skittish and wear crosses to work for protection.
  • Pemberton instructs them to work on harvesting some poplars near a creek, which the men think is a bad idea. Pemberton doesn't give two figs about their opinion, though, and has them do it anyway.
  • After another close call, the crew takes a break for a few minutes to relax and regroup.
  • When they get back to work, one of the trees slips out of the ropes and falls, crushing Dunbar in the process. The men stand around him as he dies.
  • At dinner, Dr. Cheney points out that more men have died recently than when Buchanan and Wilkie were around.
  • Serena agrees but explains that they're also harvesting on steeper inclines now; Pemberton chimes in that there's more rain, too.
  • It seems like neither of them are all that concerned, which bugs the doc.
  • Then he starts a verbal sparring war with Serena. First he mocks her "two legged dog" (read: Galloway who follows her around now) and then he moves onto her name, which he says she's absolutely nothing like.
  • Of course Serena has some quips up her sleeve, but she quickly dismisses the doc, telling him he's not funny.

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