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Serena Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

  • Rachel has been putting off some housework for a while—by the time she gets home from work and looks after Jacob, she's tired.
  • Today she's finally going to tackle her chores, though. On the to do list? Chop some wood, repair the chimney, do all the things.
  • She works hard all day doing them, only stopping to feed Jacob lunch (but not eating some herself).
  • Rachel plans to buy a cow soon with the money she's been saving in a jar in the pantry, adding spare coins from her job as she can.
  • Around supper, Widow Jenkins brings Rachel some dinner to eat. She's seen Rachel work hard all day and thought she should eat up.
  • They sit and chat over the work before talk turns to Joel. Widow Jenkins has noticed how much he fancies her, always asking about Rachel when she's not around.
  • Hmm… Rachel thinks she's unlucky in love, just like her dad.
  • Widow Jenkins says this is nonsense, though. He wasn't unlucky in love—he loved Rachel's mom very much.
  • Rachel's never realized before that she doesn't know much about her mom. When she was little, she'd ask her dad, but he wouldn't tell her anything.
  • She asks the old lady, who tells her that her mom wanted to take Rachel when she left, but her dad wouldn't let him.
  • Of course some people thought he was just trying to spite the woman, but it's clear that he really loved Rachel. She should never doubt that.

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