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Serena Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

  • Rachel and Jacob ride in the back of the sheriff's car as he explains what's happening.
  • She's surprised and upset to learn of her friend being murdered, especially since the old widow never hurt anybody and was always kind to her.
  • The sheriff tells her that he suspects Serena is involved but he doesn't think Pemberton knew anything about it.
  • This prompts Rachel to point out that she's given Pemberton the one thing Serena can't—a son. No wonder the woman hates her.
  • The sheriff takes Rachel to his friend Kephart's house where they'll be safe.
  • He has to sort some stuff out before they figure out what to do next.
  • When they get there, Kephart has been drinking but is accommodating; he gives Rachel some food and tries to comfort Jacob.
  • Kephart heads outside and brings back two fox kits he's been taking care of. Rachel tells Jacob to pet them softly and he likes them.
  • The sheriff comes back later that night to pick them up, bringing Jacob some marbles to play with. He's only two years old, but whatever.
  • Rachel thanks Kephart for his hospitality and so does the sheriff.
  • Then the sheriff fills Rachel in on the plan: He's taking her to Kingsport, Tennessee, where she'll stay with his cousin who has an extra room. No one will know to look for her there.
  • She points out that she doesn't have any clothes or swaddling for Jacob, so the sheriff agrees to take her home to pick up some stuff.
  • He helps her pack her things and even gets her a burger. This is when she realizes that her family has lived on this land for generations and now she has to leave.
  • During the car ride to Tennessee, she asks the sheriff how he knew they were after her.
  • He lets her know that Joel called the sheriff and warned him after he heard Galloway talking to Serena about it.
  • Rachel is thankful to Joel for saving her and her baby's lives. The sheriff told him to get the heck out of dodge, so Rachel hopes he's safe.

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