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Serena Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

  • At the dinner table, Serena asks Pemberton if he's okay. He hasn't eaten much and he's drinking—a lot.
  • He can tell that she's concerned about him.
  • When she brings up the other night, she tells him they've both killed now so they're closer than ever.
  • Galloway arrives with the news that the phone operator overheard Joel passing along a message to the sheriff. Suddenly it all makes sense.
  • Serena warns Pemberton that he better get his head in the game or she could lose him, too.
  • Pemberton gets word that the sheriff is moving in on his wife and Galloway so he puts a call in to a senator that he knows to get the sheriff removed from the case.
  • Meanwhile, Campbell's brother is roaming around town telling everyone that his brother was murdered by the Pembertons.
  • Pemberton tracks down the sheriff and give him three hundred bucks.
  • He knows the guy won't share where Rachel and Jacob are hiding, but he also knows they need the money—he wants to help.
  • Sheriff McDowell isn't sure whether it's a trick or not, so he takes the envelope of cash but tells Pemberton that this changes nothing between them.
  • Meanwhile, the workers talk about the murders. It's one thing for one or two people to die, but this is just getting ridiculous—even women and children aren't safe now. This bothers the men.
  • When a carnival with a menagerie comes to town, Serena gets an idea.
  • Ever the daring gal, Serena takes her eagle into the ring with the dragon. Everyone is yelling for her to get out of there, but she ignores them.
  • She boldly commands her eagle to stay very still until the dragon relaxes a little—then she gives him a kill command. And that's how an eagle kills a dragon.
  • Everyone is floored. This chick is majorly gutsy.

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