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Serena Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

  • She's out buying groceries when it happens: Rachel spots Galloway in Kingsport.
  • At first she wants to run, but she figures this will attract more attention so she slowly turns the corner in the other direction.
  • Rachel rushes home and tells her host what's happening then she rushes to the train station and buys a ticket to wherever twenty dollars will take her.
  • While she wants to go to Seattle, she can only make it to St. Louis with the money she has. Fine, she says.
  • She makes sure to tell the ticket seller not to mention that she's been there if anyone comes asking, stressing that it's a life and death situation.
  • When she jumps on the train, she sees Galloway running after her; he barely misses them.
  • She's a little rattled but knows she has to keep going. Rachel calls McDowell to tell him what's happening and he encourages her to keep going. Galloway will surely come after them now.
  • When she can, she buys another ticket, again begging the seller not to mention anything about her should a one-armed man come by.
  • With that, she's on her way.

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