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Serena Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

  • The next morning, Pemberton apologizes to Serena. What for?
  • He knows he got drunk last night and that looks bad to the investors. She tells him not to sweat it, though—the investors care more about money than that anyway.
  • Serena convinces him to get out of bed to hunt his mountain lion and he agrees, despite his hangover.
  • Someone arrives to take a photo of the land. Now that it will be made into a park, they want to document it.
  • Serena doesn't like this one bit, though; they still own it for another week.
  • Pemberton convinces her to take a photo with him. After all, they don't have any pictures together.
  • She hesitates for a moment but then she agrees; she tells him he has to go on his hunting trip with Galloway.
  • The two of them leave and trek into the woods together.
  • When they stop to eat lunch, Galloway says Serena packed Pemberton roast beef since he likes that so much.
  • They finally get to the place where the mountain lion is supposed to live. Galloway encourages Pemberton to climb up first, but when he does a rattlesnake bites him.
  • He cries out in pain. Pemberton's not sure why he can already taste the venom.
  • He instructs Galloway to cut a gash in his ankle so the venom can drain out, and when Galloway does, he's not shy with the knife. He cuts really deep.
  • Next up, Pemberton tells Galloway to call for help—Serena will know what to do.
  • Galloway's all yeah she will. In fact, she already told him to leave Pemberton out here to die.
  • Remember how he tasted something weird? That's because she poisoned him. There was rat poison in the sandwich—Serena told Galloway that Pemberton would never notice what's right in front of him.
  • She once thought Pemberton was the strongest man on the planet, but when he took three hundred dollars to save Jacob's life, she didn't want to be with him anymore.
  • Pemberton wonders how she figured it out, but Galloway explains that McDowell told him when he was killing him. He probably figured it would come back to haunt Pemberton, which is exactly what he would have wanted.
  • By the way, Serena has promised to make a nice coffin for him out of the best timber. She felt she owed him that.
  • Galloway leaves Pemberton in the woods alone to die.
  • Pemberton thinks about his wife before he fades away.

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