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Serena Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

  • The Pembertons, Buchanan, Galloway, and Wilkie go hunting once the snow clears.
  • They have a debate over whether a panther or a mountain lion killed a deer they find, then talk turns to business and the stock market crash. Buchanan worries how it will effect their business, but Pemberton isn't concerned.
  • The only problem? People are building fewer houses, so wood might not be sold as often. Aside from this, though, they should be just fine.
  • When Buchanan asks Pemberton another question about selling the land, Serena starts to answer, before Buchanan stops her.
  • We expect Serena to give Buchanan a good tongue-lashing, but instead she just stares at him.
  • Pemberton says that they have the same opinion: They will sell their land if they can make a big enough profit. That's it.
  • The group continues hunting, and before long they find bear tracks. They know the bear must be close by, and sure enough, he makes an appearance.
  • All of the men and Serena get ready to shoot him if necessary, and when it comes between Pemberton and Serena, Pemberton does—twice.
  • The bear stumbles, but isn't dead. In fact, he grabs Pemberton and in the scuffle, Pemberton drops his gun.
  • He's about to be mauled when Serena walks closer to the bear and shoots it square between the eyes. The bear dies and lets Pemberton out of his grasp.
  • Everyone is relieved. Serena rushes to Pemberton to make sure he isn't hurt. There are tears in her eyes for a brief moment, but they disappear before anyone but Pemberton notices.
  • Galloway is impressed by Serena and says as much; he's never seen a woman take on a bear before, and is not sure most men would either. Way to go, Serena.
  • She's not so sure this is a big deal, though—Pemberton would have done the same for her, no question.
  • Galloway doubts it. There's a big difference between taking down Harmon and standing up to a bear. At least several hundred pounds difference.
  • Serena and Pemberton talk on the way back home. She's glad they killed a bear together. Most couples have more relaxing hobbies, but we get her point.
  • Since she just faced a bear for him, Serena takes the opportunity to tell her hubby that they need to get rid of his business partners. She doesn't like Buchanan's attitude, and Wilkie's too old to be of any use. Ouch.
  • Pemberton points out that they need some partners because they can't afford everything by themselves. Perhaps they can get more men like Harris on board.
  • He tells her that what she said to Galloway is true: He would kill a bear for her. Aw.

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