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Serena Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • Pass the tissues and the vitamin C because Rachel and Jacob have a fever.
  • They both got sick after church one Sunday and have been under the weather ever since.
  • Rachel remembers her dad saying that a fever breaks after three days, so she convinces herself to just sit tight and wait it out.
  • After three days, though, she and Jacob are still as hot as can be so she decides to go into town to see the doc. She needs to get her baby medicine and knows that's the only place to get it.
  • The only problem? The town's over a mile away and there's snow outside.
  • Oh well, she thinks to herself. Rachel packs the baby in some blankets and the two of them head out.
  • As she begins walking, Rachel loses her way; she's disoriented from the fever and starts seeing things.
  • She keeps pressing on, though, even with blurry vision and no shoes.
  • Eventually, she wakes up in the Suttles' house—they found her on the side of the road and took her in.
  • The doc says she cut her feet really badly walking in the snow without shoes. He fixed them up and gave her some medicine, but her fever still hasn't broken.
  • Luckily Jacob's went away and the little guy is doing much better. Phew.
  • When the doc says that Rachel must really love Jacob to go out in the snow like that to get him help, she admits she tried not to.
  • She just can't help it, though.

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