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Serena Coda

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  • In 1975, Serena is featured in an article in Life magazine about her success as a timber baroness in Brazil.
  • She tells the reporter that she doesn't regret anything in her life—considering all the blood on her hands, that's a bold statement.
  • A photo of her house appears along with the article. In it, Serena has the picture she and Pemberton took on their last day together framed on a wall.
  • Usually she doesn't go for that kind of sentimental stuff, but she likes this. The only problem? Her face is a little blurry in the photo.
  • In Seattle, Rachel reads the article while waiting for her heart surgery; she shows it to her son, who visits her each day after work.
  • Next thing we know, Serena is killed with a knife.
  • We don't get many of the details, but the guard claims that the guy in the photo (ahem, Pemberton) did it.
  • Since he's been dead for a long time and ghosts can't carry knives (we don't think), we gather that this is actually Jacob who committed the murder.
  • Serena doesn't die easily, and when she eventually does, she's standing up on her porch. Because of course she is.

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