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Serena Part 2, Chapter 10

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Part 2, Chapter 10

  • Brr… It's still freezing outside, even though it's May. The winter is long and tough, and everyone is ready to bust out the summer clothes.
  • Campbell kills a rattlesnake one day and everyone is excited since this means summer is coming.
  • Serena orders all rattlesnakes to be put in a cart near the stable. No one knows why.
  • For months, Serena trains the eagle. At first she uses a cage, but little by little she releases it.
  • It's not long before she enters the camp with the eagle in tow, ready to show off her mad skills.
  • She lets it free with a command and within minutes it returns with a rattlesnake. It's clear she's been using the dead ones to train the eagle how to detect when one is near.
  • Some of the men are impressed. Others aren't so sure this is a good idea.
  • This messes with the natural order of things—you know, the circle of life and all that. If God created it, we shouldn't tamper with it, some of them argue.
  • Others aren't so sure, though. Rattlesnakes have killed some of their men, after all, so they have a more us-or-them mentality about the creatures.
  • Regardless of what the men think, though, Serena is proud of herself.
  • For others, this is a sure sign that trouble is on the horizon.

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