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Serena Part 4, Chapter 33

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Part 4, Chapter 33

  • The next morning it takes a while before the smoke in the air clears.
  • The workers talk about what happened the night before, joking that fire is as natural to the Pembertons as fish is to water—they're always lighting things a blaze.
  • One of the workers saw Sheriff Bowden cuffing McDowell earlier, so they know he's to blame.
  • Serena and Pemberton decide to spend the day together checking the cables and the rest of the property for damage.
  • When Meeks comes in with a report from Galloway, Pemberton stays to listen, too.
  • Galloway has traced Rachel and the kid and is hot on their trail. Serena is pleased.
  • Then talk turns to the old sheriff in town. You know, the one who tried to kill them and destroy their property last night.
  • Pemberton suggests they kill him. He offers to do the deed himself but Serena says Galloway can do it when he gets back from his current murder trip.
  • Serena notices that Pemberton's more like the guy she fell in love with than he has been in a while. An offer of murder can make this gal weak in the knees.
  • She wants to focus on what's important—them.
  • Two days later, Galloway returns with a black eye and some cuts. He meets with Serena privately and then heads into town to finish off McDowell.
  • Pemberton's not sure what that means for Rachel and Jacob, and he's not sure he wants to know either.

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