Study Guide

Dick Halloran in The Shining

By Stephen King

Dick Halloran

Halloran is a big hero. He nearly loses his life, trying to save a family he's only met once. Why? Because he likes Danny and values him as another person who can shine. In addition to saving Danny and Wendy's lives, Halloran is very important to Danny's future well-being. Until Halloran, Danny's ability had never been verified, explained, or named by anyone he's met. Halloran helps Danny break out of that isolation and proves himself to be Danny's true friend. Even Halloran has a moment of weakness, though. In a last ditch effort to get Danny, the Overlook tries to turn Halloran against the boy. The hotel convinces Halloran that Danny has betrayed Jack and therefore deserves to die. Halloran fights off the murderous urge, showing his inner strength. He definitely earns big hero points by the end of the book.

Halloran, lovingly portrayed by the multitalented Scatman Crothers in Stanley Kubrick's adaptation, is axed by Jack when he enters the Overlook in the film! In King's film, the utterly fabulous Marvin Van Peebles takes the role, and lives to tell about it. Check out "What's Up with the Ending?" for our thoughts on how the novel and films' endings compare, and Halloran's roles in those endings.

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