Study Guide

Mrs. Massey, the Woman in 217 in The Shining

By Stephen King

Mrs. Massey, the Woman in 217

Mrs. Massey dies in Room 217 during the 1975 season, so she's the hotel's freshest death at the time the Torrances move in. She's the wife of a prominent New York lawyer, but is at the Overlook with a much younger man who is obviously in it for the money. When the young man abandons her one evening, she commits suicide in the bathroom of 217. She seems like a zombie because she has a smell, and can walk and talk. Mrs. Massey can even choke people and probably much worse. But, she can't be a zombie because her body was removed right away to the morgue. She doesn't seem to be able to leave 217 and is a rather sad figure when we think about her. Like Roger, she's an embodiment of unrequited love.

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