Study Guide

The Shining Chapter 10

By Stephen King

Chapter 10


  • Halloran is a tall black man, with a graying afro.
  • Wendy, Jack, and Danny follow him for the tour of the kitchen. He says they have enough food to last them at least a year. Wendy thinks of the Donner party and cannibalism.
  • She flashes back to Danny breaking his arm. Medical help arrived in ten minutes. What would they do in an emergency?
  • She imagines various emergencies and then tries to calm herself.
  • Halloran calls Danny "doc" (10.37). Wendy wants to know how he knows about the nickname.
  • While he's brushing off her question, he thinks something at Danny: "(Sure you don't want to go to Florida, doc)" (10.45).
  • While he's showing them the food, he asks Danny if he remembers his name. Danny says, "Mr. Halloran […]. Dick to your friends" (10.59). Jack and Wendy look at each other funny, trying to remember if Halloran said his name was Dick.
  • Wendy's been buying groceries on a tight budget, and is a little amazed at how much food there is here.
  • He asks if they've heard that Watson's grandfather or great grandfather built the hotel. Jack has heard this, but Wendy hasn't.
  • Apparently, something went wrong. Watson's ancestor lost a son "in a riding accident on the grounds while the hotel was still a-building" (10.27). Then his wife died of the flu. After he lost the hotel, he and his only remaining son were hired to work here as caretakers. Eventually, the old man accidentally electrocuted himself.
  • As they walk back from the kitchen, Halloran sees Jack looking at the Colorado lounge. He tells Jack he'll need to get his own alcohol if he wants to drink. The employees drink it all at the end of the season party.
  • Jack says he doesn't drink.
  • A woman tells Halloran that his luggage is outside waiting for him.
  • As he reaches the door, he asks Danny again if he wants to come to Florida with him. Danny says he doesn't.
  • Halloran asks him if he'll come talk to him for a minute in his car. With Wendy's permission Danny agrees.
  • Jack is watching for Ullman, and the last of the hotel's guest depart.

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