Study Guide

The Shining Chapter 42

By Stephen King

Chapter 42


  • Halloran is on standby. He's anxiously hoping that a man named Carlton Vecker won't show up and claim his seat.
  • It's almost 7 am (5 am at the Overlook, December 2nd) and Vecker hasn't arrived.
  • Halloran boards the plane and orders coffee.
  • The stewardess announces a slight delay and Halloran panics.
  • He'd been at the airport all night, drinking coffee and hunting for a flight.
  • (Flashback.)
  • At one point, he decides to ask for help and calls the park rangers from a pay phone.
  • The ranger tells him that they haven't gotten a distress call from the Overlook.
  • Halloran tries to explain that there is something seriously wrong up there. The ranger can't understand how Halloran could know something is wrong, when he's not even in Colorado.
  • There's no way Halloran could have been in contact with them – the phones are down, and he isn't within range of their CB radio.
  • He tells Halloran he thinks this is some kind of prank call.
  • Halloran begs the ranger to try to call them on the CB.
  • The he realizes the ranger already tried and got nothing.
  • He accuses him of laziness.
  • The man gets sincerely angry now, and explains that he's flying solo, and that all the other rangers are out searching for some foolhardy hikers in the park. They are lost in the snow.
  • As soon as the sun comes up, the snow will be so bad the helicopters won't be able to continue their search.
  • Halloran says he gets the picture.
  • The ranger says that he's sure the Torrances didn't answer because they are sleeping.
  • Halloran says he hopes they find the climbers, and that he wants the man "to know they aren't the only ones who are stuck up high because they didn't know what they was getting into" (42.36).
  • (End flashback.)
  • The plane takes off at 7:28. Shortly after Halloran gets another psychic message from Danny.
  • Then it stops short. Nothing.
  • He feels sure something awful has happened to Danny. He really cares for Danny now. He prays that Jack and Wendy are taking care of him.

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