Study Guide

The Shining Chapter 43

By Stephen King

Chapter 43

Drinks on the House

  • Jack is headed into the Colorado Lounge now.
  • He perceives the Overlook waking from the dead and knows that,

    All the hotel's eras are together now, all but the current one, the Torrance Era. And this would be together with the rest very soon now. That was good. That was very good. (43.5)

  • The Overlook is completely booked today; guests in every room.
  • People everywhere.
  • Jack heads for the bar and orders a martini from the welcoming bartender, Lloyd.
  • Waiting for it, he looks around. He notices a man in a dog suit whose making the people at his table laugh.
  • Lloyd tells Jack that all his drinks are on the house, as per the wishes of "the manager" (43.18).
  • Jack isn't sure about this manager business and begins to feel uncomfortable.
  • Lloyd says the manager is "interested" in Danny, "a talented boy" (43.21).
  • The smell of gin is wonderful, but it's making it hard to "reason" (43.22).
  • He doesn't understand why he has the martini when he's quit drinking, and he doesn't understand why Lloyd is talking about Danny.
  • Isn't it Jack they want? He's "practically sold his soul" (43.25) for the Overlook.
  • He asks Lloyd the location of the manager, and why the manager is interested in Danny. Something bad happens to Lloyd's face – it's turning into something utterly diseased and bloody and rotten.
  • Lloyd tells Jack to drink. As Jack does, he hears Danny's arm breaking and sees Al's car hitting the bike in the road.
  • Suddenly, he notices that it's quiet in the lounge.
  • When he turns he sees that they are watching him.
  • Jack recognizes the man who'd taken of his fox mask as Horace Derwent. What might be the woman from 217 is next to him.
  • He tells Lloyd he needs to see the manager, and insists that Danny is not involved in this situation.
  • Lloyd tells Jack to drink, and then the crowd echoes the command.
  • The dogman is banging his paw on the table.
  • Jack drinks his drink, and then he orders another, and another, and another…
  • He keeps drinking, and he thinks that he'll never do harm to Danny again.

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