Study Guide

The Shining Chapter 45

By Stephen King

Chapter 45

Stapleton Airport, Denver

  • As Flight 196 nears the Denver airport, a woman is hysterically crying that the plane is going to crash.
  • Halloran is scared, too. It's solid white outside the plane's window. The weather had suddenly gotten very bad when it was too late to change course.
  • The landing is very rough.
  • The weather continues to worsen. Halloran rents a car.
  • The rental agent says this is the worst storm in about six years. She calls a gas station on Halloran's way to arrange for him to stop and get chains put on his tires.
  • Traffic is a mess and ramps are closed; he has to take detour.
  • Halloran is driving as fast as he can, which is only about 35 miles per hour.
  • When he turns on the radio, all he gets is reports of more snow.
  • He turns it off.

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