Study Guide

The Shining Chapter 47

By Stephen King

Chapter 47


  • It's now 3 pm on the same day.
  • Danny's sitting on the bed. The bruises on Wendy's neck are coming out.
  • The two of them are listening to Jack ram himself against the door of the pantry, uttering loud threats at Danny and Wendy all the while.
  • Jack reminds Danny of "an animal in the zoo" (47.7). When he thinks of Jack needing to go to the bathroom, he starts bawling.
  • Wendy tries to comfort him. She tells him there will be no outside help until the storm has passed, but when it does, all three of them will be just fine.
  • The Torrances will rent a boat and go fishing together in the springtime.
  • Danny and Wendy tell each other "I love you" as the wind shrieks.
  • An hour and a half later, Jack's protests come to a halt.
  • The silence is scary.
  • Danny doesn't know if Jack is asleep, or if he's escaped his prison.
  • After a quarter of an hour, Wendy wakes up as the elevator begins to move. They can hear it stopping at the various floors.
  • Wendy and Danny hear "laughter, drunken shouts, occasional screams, and the sound of breakage" (47.21), as the old hotel "[comes] to life around them" (47.22).

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