Study Guide

The Shining Chapter 54

By Stephen King

Chapter 54


  • Danny feels like he's moving through the Overlook's hallways, but he's somewhere a little but different. He hears Tony saying his name.
  • Tony tells Danny that he's sleeping. He sounds sad as he tells Danny that Wendy and Halloran will be severely injured, and they might even die.
  • Danny has come to terms with possibly dying himself, but he can't imagine Jack and Wendy dying at all, "Not ever" (54.18).
  • Danny tries to wake up, but Tony tells him to stop.
  • Tony explains that he and Danny are "in a place deep down in [Danny's] mind" (54.22), the place where Tony always is.
  • Danny denies that Tony lives inside him and says he needs to help Wendy.
  • Tony tells Danny that he can only rest here for a little while, "Because it's coming" (54.26).
  • Danny realizes the "it" Tony is talking about is Jack, or some terrible thing using Jack's body like a mask.
  • He wants badly to help his parents.
  • For the first time, he sees Tony up close, right in front of him. Tony is a fifteen-year-old version of Danny, of Daniel Anthony Torrance.
  • Tony tells Danny that he must hide from Jack, because Jack is now part of the Overlook.
  • Danny hears Jack coming nearer, screaming threats. He runs and runs until he gets to the Presidential Suite, where the bodies of two murdered men are waiting for him outside the door. The corpses are trying to rise.
  • Danny hears Jack hitting things with the mallet down on the first floor.
  • A rotting woman with live wasps on her face opens the door of the Presidential Suite and invites Danny in.
  • He thinks he might hear Halloran coming in a snowmobile. He prays it's true.
  • Wow, it's really hot up here. He realizes that Jack has forgotten something important.
  • He knows it's up to him to remember, but he can't quite do it.
  • He begs Tony to help him figure it out.
  • And then he hears the elevator.
  • He's trapped on the third floor. Unless he can get to the attic.
  • The elevator stops. Danny hears Jack calling him. He's so used to doing what Jack says that he almost goes to him. He has to remind himself that the thing calling to him isn't really Jack.
  • Danny runs to the end of the third floor hallway. He heads toward the trapdoor that leads to the attic. But, when he gets there he sees that the trapdoor is locked from the outside with a padlock.
  • He hears the Jack thing coming closer and knows the only thing he can do now is wait.

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