Study Guide

The Shining Chapter 55

By Stephen King

Chapter 55

That Which Was Forgotten

  • Wendy is coming to. She's afraid she won't be able to move from the blood stained bed.
  • She thinks she was woken by the sound of Halloran arriving in the snowmobile.
  • She's praying that Jack hasn't killed Danny yet. Wendy calls out to Danny and then to Halloran.
  • She thinks she hears the elevator start up and then stop, then hears the sound of Jack on the third floor screaming for Danny.
  • Out in the hallway she moves as fast as she can.
  • That's when she finds Halloran on the stairs.
  • She tries to wake him.
  • Meanwhile Jack is right around the corner from Danny. His threats escalate.
  • Danny steps out and tells him, "You're not my daddy" (55.38).
  • The Jack-thing pauses, then disagrees with Danny.
  • Danny says, "You're a mask. […] Just a false face" (55.41). He tells Jack he isn't afraid of him.
  • Jack says he better be afraid. He raises the mallet but stops short of hitting Danny with it.
  • Halloran is waking up. His jaw is broken. Wendy explains that Jack and Danny are up on the third floor.
  • Danny is telling the Jack-thing that the people and things in the Overlook "lie" (55.43) and that he isn't really Danny's father.
  • He says, "Go ahead and hit me. But you'll never get what you want from me" (55.58).
  • Something changes in the Jack-thing's face. The mallet falls to the ground.
  • Suddenly, the real Jack is back. He tells Danny, "Run away. Quick. And remember how much I love you" (55.60).
  • Danny says he won't leave him, and he kisses Jack on the hand.
  • Halloran tries to get up. He and Wendy hear horrific yells. They hear the elevator; whatever was yelling is inside it.
  • Danny feels like he's completely trapped in the Overlook, all alone without his parents.
  • He tells the Jack-thing to go away. It turns. Danny sees the knife in its back.
  • The Jack-thing begins hitting himself in the face with the mallet, "destroying the last of Jack Torrance's image.
  • It looks at Danny, and Danny sees that it's a mixture of all the other faces he's seen in the hotel, from the dogman to the woman in 217.
  • Now Danny realizes what Jack forgot – the boiler! He knows it's about to blow up the hotel!
  • The Jack-thing looks upset by this news. He disagrees with Danny, but then goes off down the hall. Danny hears him get into the elevator.
  • Now, "the shining [is] on him" (55.92). He knows Wendy and Halloran are alive, and that the boiler will blow up the Overlook at any moment.
  • Danny runs, sobbing, to try to get out of the hotel before it goes up in flames.

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