Study Guide

The Shining Chapter 58

By Stephen King

Chapter 58


  • Halloran is working in a lodge in Maine. It's almost the dinner hour.
  • He walks down to one of the cabins and talks to the woman who is reading in a chair on the porch.
  • She's sitting very straight because of the injuries to her back, and she looks much older. She looks like a woman who has been through something very hard.
  • When she sees him, she greets him happily.
  • He asks her where Danny is, and she points to the tan boy with the fishing rod on the dock.
  • Halloran asks her if he's still having nightmares about the Overlook. She says they are becoming less frequent.
  • He tells her he thinks Danny will be all right.
  • She isn't convinced. Halloran tries to reassure her.
  • Wendy tells Halloran that she's taking a job that Al Shockley found for her in Maryland.
  • Plus, she has enough money from Jack's life insurance to pay for Danny to go to college.
  • Halloran says he hope Wendy won't forget him, and then goes down to talk to Danny.
  • They are quiet for a time. Halloran can tell Danny is missing Jack.
  • He tells Halloran he feels really guilty and sometimes thinks it would have been better if he (Danny) had died in the flames of the Overlook, instead of Jack.
  • Danny can't talk about it with Wendy, because she is trying to erase it from her mind.
  • It's a little harder for Danny.
  • He cries hard in Halloran's arms.
  • Halloran tries to comfort him, to make him believe things will get better. He tells Danny that if things ever go wrong, he can still call him.
  • For now, Danny needs to get on with his life.
  • Danny feels a pulling on his line. He's hooked a rainbow trout!
  • The Shining closes with Wendy, Danny, and Halloran sitting "on the end of the dock in the afternoon sun" (58.83).

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