Study Guide

The Shining Chapter 8

By Stephen King

Chapter 8

A View of the Overlook

  • The Torrances are driving through the mountains.
  • Wendy is worried that the VW bug will die on them before they reach the Overlook. Danny assures her it won't.
  • Jack pushes the little car higher and higher up the snaky mountain road.
  • Wendy thinks the mountains look unforgiving. She thinks, "Further west in the Sierra Nevada the Donner Party had become snowbound and had resorted to cannibalism to stay alive" (8.17).
  • (The tragedy of the Donner Party happened in 1846-1847. Read about it here.)
  • She asks Jack if he's sure the Overlook will be well stocked. He says he's sure and that Halloran will show her where all the food is when they get to the hotel.
  • Danny points at a sign and asks what it says. Wendy tells him it says "SCENIC TURNOUT" (8.27).
  • They pull off the road and Jack points across to the Overlook.
  • Wendy is overcome by the view. They are near the top of a mountain peak, looking across at an even bigger peak. The drop down is incredible, and Wendy feels herself imaging falling down…down…down…
  • She brings her eyes up and looks at where Jack is pointing. The Overlook.
  • She says, "Oh, Jack, it's gorgeous!" (8.34).
  • He agrees.
  • Danny is staring at the hotel, not looking too well. They go to him and ask him if he's OK. He apologizes for worrying them and blames it on the sun.
  • Danny recognizes the Overlook. It's the place in the snow that Tony "had warned him against." He thinks, "It was here. It was here. Whatever Redrum was, it was here" (8.44).

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