Study Guide

The Shining Chapter 9

By Stephen King

Chapter 9

Checking it Out

  • When they get to the Overlook, Ullman meets them. He's not very nice to Jack or Wendy, but seems charmed by Danny.
  • There's lots of hustle and bustle in the hotel. People checking out, and staff members taking care of final duties. Ullman explains that the last day of the season is always a bit chaotic.
  • Mrs. Brandt, a hotel regular, is making a ruckus because the Overlook no longer takes American Express. Ullman steps in to take care of the problem.
  • Danny tells Jack and Wendy that Ullman dislikes the woman, but is "pretending to like her" (9.23). In playful moods, Jack and Wendy agree with him, laughing.
  • Danny is trying to convince himself that "the things Tony showed him didn't always come true" (9.34).
  • He'll be very cautious, and keep an eye out for whatever Redrum is. Unless it's absolutely necessary, he won't bother his parents about it.
  • Jack points out the roque court and explains that the game is played with a mallet. Danny looks a little strange, and remembers the scary drunken voice Tony showed him.
  • Now Jack shows Danny the topiary, the hedges trimmed in animal shapes. Danny sees "a rabbit, a dog, a horse, a cow and […] a trio of frolicking lions" (8.48).
  • Jack tells Danny and Wendy that his knowledge of topiaries helped get him the job. He says, "I used to trim a lady's topiary […] at least once a week" (8.50).
  • Past the topiary is a playground. Danny pretends to like it, but thinks it looks lonely and cold.
  • Back at the hotel, Mrs. Brandt is coming out with the luggage. Danny hears her thinking "(I'd like to get into his pants)" (8.67) about the bellboy.
  • He doesn't understand, but thinks it best not to ask Wendy and Jack.
  • Sometimes those kinds of questions caused problems.
  • He watches Jack and Wendy "loving each other" and is happy, but still worried.

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