Study Guide

Shiver Chapter 10

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 10

Grace – 60°F

  • At school, Grace tells Olivia that she saw some wolves in the woods and she thinks one of them is Jack.
  • Olivia thinks Grace has gone nutso, and tells her that her obsession with the wolves is creepy.
  • This remark puts Grace on the defensive, and she denies being obsessed with the wolves.
  • Olivia stomps off and Isabel, Jack's sister, comes up to talk to her.
  • She tells Grace that the wolves killed her brother, they're dangerous, and that her father and a bunch of armed dudes with guns are going to shoot them all.
  • Before you can say “obsession,” Grace races to the woods to stop the hunters. Let's hope Dick Cheney isn't one of them or Grace might be in danger.
  • Officer Koenig is there, so Grace tells him that her friend is in the woods and could be in danger!
  • He whips out his cell phone to call off the hunters, but that isn't enough for Grace. She's heard gunshots, and she races into the woods to stop them herself. Unless you're wearing a neon vest, kids, don't try this at home.