Study Guide

Shiver Chapter 14

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 14

Grace – 45°F

  • Grace stares at Sam as he lies unconscious in a hospital bed. Guess what, Edward Cullen? Girls can watch boys sleep too.
  • A nurse comes in and tries to get Grace to admit that Sam shot himself. It seems he has scars on his wrists, and the nurse assumes he's suicidal. The nurse, Sunny, is pushy and not a very good caretaker.
  • Sam wakes up, unsure why he's human. He's usually a wolf for the entirety of winter.
  • Grace asks him about the scars on his wrists, and he confesses that his parents did them. Yikes. Our wolf-sense smells a tragic flashback coming up soon.
  • But for now, they need to escape the hospital. First, Sam needs some clothes.
  • Grace faints. After she recovers, she thinks fast and tells the male nurse that she peed herself and needs scrubs.
  • Sam slips into the scrubs and they escape. Grace takes her wolf, now her boy, home with her.