Study Guide

Shiver Chapter 16

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 16

Sam – 42°F

  • The next morning, Sam sneaks out of Grace's house. He walks through the woods to a shed.
  • Along the way, he runs into that snippy white wolf, whom he calls Shelby. Shelby regards him for a moment, but he ignores her and she leaves.
  • There's a bin with Sam's name on it in the shed, and Sam pulls some clothes out to change into.
  • He then bumps into Paul, a black wolf. We're not sure if he's on loan from New Moon or not.
  • Thinking about how Paul is now permanently a wolf, Sam worries that this might be his last year as a human too.
  • Dressed in his own clothes, Sam goes back to Grace's house where they flirt and make breakfast.
  • Their breakfast ends up with a little dessert: their first kiss. Ooh la la.