Study Guide

Shiver Chapter 17

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 17

Sam – 60°F

  • Hanging out in a car Grace is interested in buying, Grace and Sam grill each other with questions.
  • Sam tells us some things about werewolves, though we kind of already knew most of them: (1) Werewolves turn into wolves when the temperature drops. (2) Werewolves eat meat, but Sam didn't eat Jack. Sam says that Jack provoked the other wolves. (3) Werewolves are telepathic. Yep, we knew this from New Moon.
  • Grace feels bad that Sam hasn't ever celebrated Christmas because he's always a wolf in December. Grace, girlfriend, his name is Samuel K. Roth. He's probably Jewish. He probably doesn't give a screaming latke about Christmas.
  • Sam shares that his parents tried to kill him and they're in jail now.
  • Grace then tells us that a month or two after she was bitten by wolves, her dad left her locked in the car by accident. She almost overheated and died.
  • Eep. Looks like they both have family issues.