Study Guide

Shiver Chapter 21

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 21

Sam - 57°F

  • After breakfast, Grace and Sam look at pictures of the wolves that Grace has. Sam IDs them for Grace, and she shows Sam what he looks like as a wolf. He has never seen himself before. We guess he's never looked into a pool of water as a wolf.
  • Sam then tells Grace about Beck a bit. He seems like a father figure to Sam. For more about Beck check out our page on him in the “Characters” section.
  • When he looks at the photo of himself, Sam worries that it isn't him. What if Grace is in love with the wrong wolf? What if she's in love with Jacob Black? Or Fenrir?
  • Grace puts him at ease when she tells him, “You still smell like you do when you're a wolf” (21.53).