Study Guide

Shiver Chapter 29

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 29

Sam – 54°F

  • Sam is feeling lost while Grace is at school. What's a wolf boy to do?
  • He decides to have a flashback: when he was younger, Beck home-schooled him.
  • Shelby, on the other hand, wasn't too much into education. She wanted to teach Sam how to be a wolf, and do wolfy things.
  • Beck eventually had to step in and tell Shelby, “Sam will always be Sam. […] Don't you ever tell him differently, Shelby. Or I will take you back where you came from” (29.32). Yeah, back to the cesspool she crawled out of.
  • When the flashback ends, Sam decides to check Beck's P.O. Box. Wolves can't open P.O. Boxes, and someone has to check the mail.
  • Sam only finds a couple letters and some junk mail. He realizes this means that “Someone had been here. Recently […]” (29.49).