Study Guide

Shiver Chapter 32

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 32

Grace – 45°F

  • Sam wants to take Grace on a proper date so she'll have “something real to rem--” (32.5) but then he cuts off, because he still can't bear to vocalize his inevitable end.
  • In the car, Grace wonders why she doesn't remember much about when Sam saved her from the wolves. He believes he must have shifted in order to carry her, but he's not sure how he did it.
  • They go to the bookstore where Sam used to work and look at the books in a little loft area.
  • Sam asks Grace to close her eyes, then reads her a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke.
  • They smooch, Grace cries, and Sam finally confesses this is his last year. But he follows it up with, “We don't have time to be sad” (32.77).
  • Outside the bookstore, they bump into Olivia and John and have an awkward conversation. Olivia acts especially strange.
  • Grace and Sam return home, and Grace notices that it smells like wolf pee. Sam says it's Shelby. “She peed on the deck again, too” (32.143). Ugh, we hate it when psycho stalkers pee on our deck.
  • They get settled in, and Grace calls Olivia, but she's out.
  • By the evening, Olivia still hasn't returned her call. Grace has no idea where someone would be in a little Podunk town like Mercy Falls. What's up with Olivia?