Study Guide

Shiver Chapter 33

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 33

Sam – 41°F

  • Sam has a dream... a dream of the first time he killed something.
  • There was a man with property near Beck's house, Mr. Dario. He had some pretty vicious dogs.
  • Afraid he might have to defend himself against them, Sam asks Beck to teach him how to fight.
  • Sam watches videos of dog fights and practices on giant hunks of meat. It's like Rocky if Sylvester Stallone was a wolf.
  • One day, Sam's worst fear comes true: the dogs attack another wolf, Paul.
  • Even though Sam is human, he attacks the dogs and manages to subdue them until Beck arrives with a gun, and shoots them.
  • As Paul recovers, Sam wonders, Who Let The Dogs Out? (We'd rather wrestle wolves bare-handed than ever listen to this song again.)
  • He sees Shelby, her hands black and powdery as though she disabled the electric fence that held Mr. Dario's dogs in. He knows Shelby let the dogs out.