Study Guide

Shiver Chapter 37

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 37

Sam – 42°F

  • In the kitchen, Sam is hit with the stench of blood and fur, and he sees Grace pinned to the wall by Shelby in wolf form.
  • Sam smashes Shelby in the hip with a frying pan and wrestles the b****—hey, she's a female dog!—to the ground.
  • She wriggles out of his grasp, and right into the sights of Grace's dad, who just shows up with a rifle.
  • He shoots Shelby, and she dies.
  • Covered in blood, Sam has a post-traumatic episode and goes into shock. Now it's Grace's turn to take care of him. “'Sam,' she said. 'Don't go'“ (37.33).