Study Guide

Shiver Chapter 4

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 4

Sam – 90°F

  • It's “the hottest day of [Sam's] life” (4.1). And he doesn't just mean the mercury is rising.
  • This is the day that Grace walks into the bookstore where he works. As a human. Not as, like, a bookstore wolf or something. That might not sit well with the bookstore cat.
  • Anyway, Grace (Sam doesn't know her name yet, but we do) walks into the bookstore with her two friends. If they were wearing bikini tops, this would totally be John Updike's “A&P” meets Anne Rice's The Wolf Gift.
  • As Grace shops, Sam “pray[s] for her to buy a book so I would have to talk to her” (4.11). Dude. It's called customer service. Get off your butt and ask if she needs help finding anything.
  • Grace's friend Olivia buys a book, but Grace never notices Sam before she walks away. Dude. CUSTOMER SERVICE. Repeat after us: “Have a nice day! Please come again!”