Study Guide

Shiver Chapter 46

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 46

Grace – 45°F

  • Grace feels pretty good after spending the night (the italics make it R-rated) with Sam.
  • Now she wants to know more about him. Like meeting his de facto father figure, Beck.
  • However, Sam goes and ruins the moment when he suggests that Grace slept with him “to get back at [her] parents” (46.21). That stings.
  • (We also learn that they used protection, so no litter of pups for Grace. Whew.)
  • Grace gets furious with Sam, “ears and cheeks hot, and [she] didn't know why” (46.22). Could Sam's accusation possibly be true?
  • They fight, but only briefly, then Sam agrees to introduce Grace to Beck. But not today; Grace has school.