Study Guide

Shiver Chapter 47

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 47

Sam – 44°F

  • After dropping Grace off at school, Sam goes to Jack's house again.
  • He ends up overhearing a conversation between Isabel and Jack. It seems that Jack, in his wolf state (at least we hope he was in his wolf state), ate Isabel's dog, Chloe.
  • In bigger news, Jack thinks he knows a way to cure himself.
  • Curious, Sam sneaks inside and confronts Jack when he's alone in the kitchen.
  • Jack says that another wolf was cured: Grace. And he's determined to make her tell him the cure.
  • Sam tries to convince Jack that Grace doesn't know a cure, but Jack becomes violent.
  • Before he stabs Sam with a kitchen knife, however, Jack transitions into a wolf and runs away.