Study Guide

Shiver Chapter 5

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 5

Grace – 44°F

  • Looks like Grace has realized one thing: “the wolves in the wood were all werewolves” (5.1), but we're not sure how she knows this yet.
  • Also, some jerk from her high school named Jack Culpeper was killed and eaten by them. Yikes.
  • Grace is at home while her scatterbrained mom worries aloud about Grace getting attacked by wolves again. Mom thinks they should just “trap them all and dump them in Canada” (5.17). Jeez, what did Canada do to her?
  • As Grace takes over dinner-making duties, her friend Rachel calls. She wants to bust out of Mercy Falls over X-mas break and she wants Grace to go with. Grace says she'll think about it.
  • After Rachel hangs up, Grace heads outside to look for what she calls “my wolf” (5.37).
  • He's there, but he has blood crusted on his chin. Grace asks the wolf if he killed Jack Culpeper, but, being a wolf, he doesn't answer.
  • He does stand there looking all sad and forlorn, and he lets Grace pet him.
  • This tender ASPCA moment is interrupted when a white wolf silently glides up and gives Grace the hairiest of hairy eyeballs.
  • Grace's wolf escorts her back inside, and Grace watches through the glass door as the white wolf takes the meat Grace had left for her wolf.