Study Guide

Shiver Chapter 52

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 52

Grace – 33°F

  • On the way to Beck's, Sam says that he thinks Isabel might be on to something. He'd rather die trying than turn into a wolf and slip away forever anyway.
  • Grace falls into a bit of a trance while Sam sings a romantic song about her.
  • This is a very sweet moment... except for the not-keeping-her-eyes-on-the-road part. Grace hits a deer, and it shatters the Bronco's windshield.
  • They're both fine, except for the near-freezing air now coming in through the broken glass.
  • Grace piles blankets on top of Sam, but it won't keep the cold away long enough.
  • Sam asks Grace to call Beck, which she does. She puts the phone on speaker, and the two make up. Beck tells Sam that the kids he turned into werewolves knew, that they asked to be turned. Then they tell each other “I love you.”
  • And Sam becomes a wolf... forever.