Study Guide

Shiver Chapter 60

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 60

Grace – 36°F

  • Isabel and Grace drive Olivia and Jack, who are still human, and Sam, who is wolf-shaped, to the clinic.
  • There, they inject Jack with the meningitis-infected blood.
  • Olivia chickens out though. She decides to wait and see if it works with Jack before trying it on herself.
  • Grace doesn't want to try the cure on Sam while he's a wolf, though. She's afraid it will only work while he's human.
  • She tries really hard to send Sam a telepathic image, like the wolves are able to, of the golden wood he had shown her. She remembers him transforming into a human to save her.
  • And he does!
  • Quickly, Grace injects him with the syringe. Unfortunately, Sam breaks away mid-injection and shifts back into a wolf.
  • Grace is afraid she's killed him.