Study Guide

Shiver Chapter 8

By Maggie Stiefvater

Chapter 8

Grace – 65°F

  • In school, Grace is distracted constantly. She's got wolf on the brain.
  • During Life Skills class, officer William Koenig comes to talk to the class.
  • Discussion gets a little off-topic when all the kids want to know more about Jack Culpeper's death. Hey, not getting eaten by a wolf sounds like a valuable life skill to us.
  • It comes up that Grace was bitten by wolves as a girl, but she tries to deflect the unwanted attention.
  • Grace invites her friend Olivia over after school, and they sit in Grace's room looking at photos Olivia has taken.
  • Olivia has tons of gorgeous photos, but Grace only wants to look at ones of the wolves.
  • When Grace pretends to be interested in other photos, Olivia gets offended.
  • They're about to start fighting when Olivia's older brother, John, comes in to take Olivia to her lesson. He's not more specific than that. What kind of lesson? Music? Photography? Zumba?
  • After they leave, Grace goes for a walk outside... and hears a scream! Aieee!