Study Guide

Shiver Love

By Maggie Stiefvater


Grace in Shiver and Fern in Charlotte's Web have something in common: they're both in love with animals. Besides the obvious difference that Sam would eat Wilbur given half a chance, there's more to Grace's love for Sam. It's romantic. Even when he's in wolf form. Let that sink in a bit and judge the creepiness level for yourself.

When Sam's human, their love isn't as creepy. Their love is a source of warmth, and in a world where the cold changes Sam from human to animal, it's all they have to keep them going. Love really does make their world go around.

Questions About Love

  1. Can Sam and Grace's love be considered “love at first sight” if they've been staring at each other for years, while Sam was only a wolf?
  2. How much of Grace and Sam's relationship is driven by love, and what part of it is lust?
  3. The wolves lose a lot of their humanity when they shift. Are all of them capable of love while in wolf form?
  4. Love isn't always positive. Both Grace and Shelby are obsessed with Sam. How does each character deal with her obsession?

Chew on This

From reading all the young adult lit we read, we know that love is of paramount importance in these stories. For Sam, keeping Grace in his life literally is the difference between life and death.

Sam and Grace's love rises from an intense loneliness. Grace doesn't have any close friendships or family, and Sam is basically isolated for four or five months out of the year. It's no wonder they want to spend forever together.