Study Guide

Cindy Lorenzo in Shooting the Moon

By Frances O'Roark Dowell

Cindy Lorenzo

Jamie's friend Cindy is developmentally disabled, so it can be tricky to have a conversation with her, and sometimes Jamie gets a little impatient repeating things or trying to explain them to her friend. Even so, Cindy's a good friend to Jamie. Listen to how Jamie puts it:

The good thing about being friends with Cindy Lorenzo included the fact that I could tell her my secrets and she never blabbed a word of what I said. (6.3)

Aw, how sweet. It's not just that Cindy knows how to keep a secret, though; it's also that she doesn't judge Jamie for being herself. Cindy knows what it's like for people to snicker at her, so she doesn't do that to other people. She's a class act. Plus, Cindy helps Jamie appreciate the little things in life. Immediately after seeing TJ's pictures, Cindy wants them. Why? She loves looking at the moon and wants to hang it on her wall. She might not be able to explain why, but she knows that the pictures make her happy. It helps Jamie appreciate their value, too.