Study Guide

Sideways Stories From Wayside School Chapter 26

By Louis Sachar

Chapter 26


  • Terrence, a "good athlete but a bad sport" (25.1), can't seem to behave at recess. First he asks to join Rondi and Allison's game. They won't let him play, which at first seems a little bit nasty, but when they give in, it's easy to see why they don't want him—he just kicks their ball over the fence. Game over. "Shut up, Dixie cup" (25.12), Terrence taunts when Allison tells him to go get the ball. Rondi tells Louis.
  • So Terrence asks D.J. and Dameon if he can join their basketball game. Same thing: they say no, but as soon as they relent, Terrence kicks their ball over the fence. "Take a train, peanut brain" (25.24), he says. D.J. tells Louis.
  • Terrence approaches Stephen, Calvin, Joe, John, and Leslie and the whole disaster happens again. They all refuse to let him play: "You'll kick the ball over the fence" (25.28), Calvin says. But Stephen relents, and when Terrence is finally allowed to play "spud," what does he do? You guessed it—another ball goes flying over the fence.
  • There are no balls left. All the kids who tried to play with Terrence approach Terrence again, this time with Louis.
  • Terrence asks Louis if he has a green ball. Uh, no, Terrence. "All of my balls have mysteriously disappeared" (25.43), Louis explains. Terrence laments that there's nothing left to kick, but Louis answers by saying, "Oh, I don't know about that" (25.45).
  • Louis asks all the assembled kids if they think there's anything left to kick. They all agree that there's definitely something left, and Terrence starts demanding whatever that something is. "Give it to me. Give it to me" (25.62), he repeats.
  • Finally Stephen says, "Let him have it." Terrence begs: "You heard him, Louis. Let me have it" (25.70).
  • You've been had, Terrence. Louis picks Terrence up and kicks him over the fence.