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Minor Villagers in Silas Marner

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Minor Villagers

Mr. Macey

Mr. Macey is the parish clerk and tailor. He's got "an air of complacency, slightly seasoned with criticism" (1.6.17).

Mr. Tookey

The deputy-clerk, young and insecure. When people don't take him seriously, he loses his temper.

Mr. Lammeter

Nancy's father. He's old-fashioned and upright when he dances: Mr. Macey points out that he "isn't so cushiony as most o' the oldish gentlefolks" (1.11.61). He's morally upright, too, and probably responsible for a lot of Nancy's rigid ideas.

Jem Rodney

A mole-catcher, but also "a known poacher, and otherwise disreputable" (1.5.6). Silas initially thinks he's stolen the gold.

Mr. Kimble

Mr. Kimble is Raveloe's doctor and Godfrey's uncle. He's a doctor by tradition, not skill or education.

Mr. Dowlas

The farrier (guy who shoes and tends to the horses). Dowlas is a little argumentative and a lot full of himself, given to looking around "with some triumph" when he makes what he thinks is a good point (1.6.8).

Mr. Snell

The landlord of The Rainbow, "a man of a neutral disposition, accustomed to stand aloof from human differences" (1.6.1). He likes to say things like "the truth lies atween you: you're both right and both wrong, as I allays say" (1.6.16).


The butcher, "a jolly, smiling, red-haired man" (1.6.3).

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